What would a former art major be without a little art to show and tell?  

Here are a few digital projects I have done  that range from social commentary to making waffles out of the universe. 


A series of characters that comprise the Kari and Friends Project, please head over their page to learn more about them. 


I was tasked with making my own alphabet font and was inspired by how sports, something usually seen as non artistic, have their own abstract beauty. I call this the Tennis Lexicon, as rhythmic, fun and slighty pretentious as the sport it self.


Joanne the Scammer is a cultural icon. I felt that a tribute to her, the character that she built, and the champagne pockets with lemonade tastes that she embodies, deserved a poster.


A project based around a specific scent. We were given unmarked scent bottles and were told to formulate a piece around it. Mine was sickeningly sweet. 


A project where we associated a mystery smell and military code with a visual. 

A personal project that I call Waffle Galaxy.